Final exam Topics:

  • Linked List (singly linked list)
    • various insert and delete algorithms
  • Stack (implementation)
  • Queue (implementation)
  • Recursion
  • Binary Trees (implementation)
    • Traversals (Inorder, postorder, preorder and level order traversal)
    • various recursive algorithms related with binary trees (search, sum nodes, number of leaf nodes, etc..)
  • Binary Search Trees
    • Insert, delete, search (recursive and non recursive algorithms)
  • Min-Heap, Max-Heap (implementation)
    • deleteMin or deleteMax
    • insert
  • Binary Search on arrays
  • Sort Algorithms
    • insertion sort
    • bubble sort
    • selection sort
    • quick sort
      • partition algorithm



Make-Up Exam for Midterm will be held on 21/04/2017 Firday at 10:30

Place: Seminar room next to my office.

Exam questions will cover topics covered up to and including Queues